Monday, November 9, 2015

Oma Podi

This is an all time favourite among my children and now my grand kids too. It is a simple and crunchy snack that one can indulge in at any time. 

This is always included in our Diwali Batchanams! 

4 cups Bengal gram flour
1 cup ground rice flour
100 gm cooking butter
3 tbsp ajwain
small piece asafoetida
salt to taste
oil to fry


1. Soak ajwain in water for 1 hour and grind with little water. 
2. Strain through a muslin cloth and add 1 cup water to it. 
3. Soak the asafoetida in little water and pour into the ajwain water. 
4. Mix sufficient salt & mix thoroughly. 
5. Sieve both flours on a large plate. 
6. Heat butter until it just melts. 
7. Pour over the flours. 
8. Use the ajwain & asafoetida water to make the dough. 
9. Heat oil and squeeze the sev. 
10. Fry till pale brown.

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