Saturday, August 27, 2011

Milk Toffee - An ultimate delicacy

This sweet is a favourite among all my family members and a whole lot of others too who have had a chance to taste this. I tried out this sweet with my moms (a perfect teacher) help at the age of 13. It turned out to be good & the motivation from her was immense. Today as a teacher myself, I hear my students often saying that most mothers dont allow their daughters to venture into the kitchen in fear of them getting the Kitchen messy. But my mom let me cook & ofcourse with her strict instructions. I cherish those moments. I owe 100% to her for what I am today and I miss her too immensely.

This recipe has the unique taste of condensed milk with the aromatic flavour of cardomoms melting into your mouth instantly. This is an all time favourite sweet specially during the Diwali season in our household. Being my first blog, I wanted my first recipe which I tried on my own to be my first contribution for readers. I dedicate this to my guardian angel - My Mother.


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Ingredients for Milk Toffee

1 tin condensed milk

400 gm sugar

¼ cup water

100 gm butter

3 tbsp chopped cashew nuts

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp cardamom powder


1. Grease a 11”/7” halwa tray & keep aside

2. Mix water with sugar in a heavy pan & set on moderate heat

3. When sugar dissolves, add condensed milk & stir continuously

4. Add butter a tbsp at a time & continue to stir

5. When the mixture turns thick add nuts, essence & cardamom powder

6. Drop a little mixture into a bowl of water

7. The mixture has to form a ball & when dropped should retain its shape

8. Immediately pour into the tray & spread evenly

9. Cut into squares while still warm

Tip: Sugar syrup for sweets, toffees and candies must be cooked to the right consistency. Overcooked syrup will harden the toffees.

Irresistable Milk Toffee

The above entry goes to Radhika's Tickling palates:Announcing Diwali special sweets and savories



  1. Shyamala Aunty, Vai...

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  6. wow that turned out beautifully! yum!

  7. turned out great for me too....I have been seeing you make this since I was 9 or 10 and have only helped a wee bit in stirring the mixture. Wish I had tried this long back. Wonderful ma....