Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mangai Pachadi

No South Indian Saapaadu is complete without a Mangai Pachadi (Mango). It is a relished dish by all age groups. I love this dish primarily for its tangy taste with a sweet and sour finish. I beleive that our traditional recipes must never go into History. So do try this and let me know your feedback.

1 Big sized Banglura Mangai (raw mango)

1 - 2 cups Jaggery

250 ml Water

1 tbsp Ghee

20 nos Cashewnut

2 tbsp Raisins

1. Remove the skin from the raw mango

2. Slice it into thin pieces

3. Add 50 - 70ml water to the sliced mango and cook

4. Add grated jaggery and water together in another vessel and boil for few minutes

5. Strain it and add to the cooked mango

6. Cook it for atleast 15 minutes

7. Mash it well so that they both blend together

8. Remove it from the fire and garnish it with nuts and kismis

9. Use ghee for frying

Tip: When you make this pachadi on Tamil new years day, you have to add red chilli, mustard, broken toor dal, fresh Veppampoo (neem flower) for garnishing


  1. Nice Recipe ! Will try out soon. Nice blog, you've got here ...:P

  2. kausalyalaksmi said
    Padichavudane naakkula thanni ooraradhu!!I am going to looks so yummy!!!