Thursday, September 1, 2011

Masala Vada

Being my first post in this blog, I wanted to share the recipe of a snack which is a much sought after dish by almost everyone of all ages. This would just be apt on a lovely evening with a hot cup of Filter Kapi. Don't be surprised by the number of spices and the quantity for the taste would be just perfect (especially the garlic pods). Make sure you serve it hot.

250 gms Channa Dal (Split Bengal Gram)

50 gms Toor Dal (Split Red Gram)

150 gms Small onion

20 flakes of Garlic

10 Red Chillies

1 (for the flavour) Green Chilli

1 medium bunch Mint Leaves

1 Tsp Sombu

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry
Ingredients for the Masala Vada

1. Soak channa dal and toor dal for 2 hours

2. Drain the water

3. Take a handful of soaked dal and keep it aside

4. Grind the rest of the dal along with the chillies coarsely

5. Don't add water while grinding. Adding salt will do
6. Chop the onions, mint leaves and garlic finely

7. Mix every thing together (don't forget to add the handful of soaked dal)

8. Add sombu and mix it well

9. Take little mix (big lemon sized) on your palm and flatten it slightly

10. Deep fry and your Masala Vada is ready
Masala Vada


  1. I have tasted these vadas at Geetha's place. Toooo good

  2. Thank you Gokul. Shall ask Geetha aunty to view these comments which will boost her.