Friday, August 1, 2014

Cheese Corn n Spinach Toast

This post is by Mrs.Shyamala Sivaraman

The youngest student I ever have taught is my eldest grandson Abhinav. He & his two brothers like to help me & sometimes bother me. One day when I was absolutely free thought of teaching him a very simple recipe & I Cheese corn & spinach toast. I got all ingredients ready & both of us kick started the toast. I made him chop the spinach & onions. Cooked corn & spinach in microwave & grated the cheese. Made the sauce & prepared the filling. Then he stuffed bread slices, buttered & toasted them. Both of us had the toasts for dinner. It was delicious. Proud of Abhinav.


1 loaf sandwich bread

100 gm Amul butter

2 cups white sauce

1 cup cooked American sweet corn

¼ cup chopped capsicum

½ cup boiled and mashed potatoes

1/4 bunch spinach

3 nos cheese (grated)

½ tp mixed Italian herbs, pepper & salt to taste


1. Arrange the bread slices in pairs on a deep tray

2. Cover with thick moist towel

3. Apply butter on the outer sides of the bread slices

4. Wash and chop the Spinach and saute it in butter

5. Make thick white sauce and mix the vegetables and corn in it

6. Mix salt, pepper, herbs & cheese

7. Apply this paste in between the bread slices & toast to the required colour.

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