Friday, August 1, 2014

Tri-Colour Rainbow Sandwich

This post is by Mrs.Shyamala Sivaraman

Friends this sandwich is one of the party snacks that I learnt from my mother as early as when I was 12 years in 1960. I used to help her make sandwiches for various occasions. Probably she would have learnt from her mom but I know that she had altered the recipe to get better taste. It has been a hit in our birthdays & other parties, my children's birthday parties & my grandchildren's birthday parties. It will never put you down. Try out & enjoy.

Basic Spread for Sandwiches

Ingredients: 1/4 kg Amul butter, 100 gm grated Amul cheese, pinch mustard powder, salt & pepper to taste.

Soften butter & mix in cheese, salt, pepper and mustard powder. Beat well. Add 1 boiled and mashed potato for a thicker paste.
Carrot/Beetroot Paste
Mix in ¾ cup of parboiled and finely grated carrot/beetroot to the basic spread (without potato). If the mixture is thick add 2 tbsp of milk and beat. Correct seasoning with more salt & pepper.
Chutney Paste
Make green chutney with or without coconut. Mix with the paste. Potato can be added to make the paste thick.if you don't want the spicy chutney or in a hurry can add few drops of green colour to the basic spread.
* These spreads can be stored in airtight containers & can be used up a week.
Ribbon Sandwiches
Ingredients: 2 small loaves of sandwich bread, 1 recipe each carrot paste, beetroot paste & chutney paste.

Method: Prepare all the pastes & keep aside. Line a deep tray with a damp cloth. You have to wet the cloth thoroughly & squeeze well. Arrange 4 slices of breads in a stack. Arrange all the slices very close together without disturbing the order. Cover with another wet towel. Take one stack of bread slices & cover the tray with wet cloth again. Apply carrot paste on the inner side of the top slice. Place on the second slice & now take both slices together in the hand & apply chutney paste on the inner side of the second slice & place over the third slice. Take all three slices in hand & apply beetroot past on the inner side of the third slice & place it over the fourth slice. Press well & trim the edges with a bread knife. You can cut into squares, triangles & fingers. Place on the tray. Apply the pastes on all the stacks, trim, cut & place on tray & cover with cloth. Keep under wet cloth until serving. This is a very good snack for children if made with wheat loaf.
For non veg lovers: you can add 1 cup of mashed canned fish, cooked & ground chicken to the paste. & make chicken / fish sandwich.

Pastes for Sandwich
Tri Colour - Rainbow Sandwich

Segments clearly seen

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