Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All purpose curry powder (the backbone of Srilankan Jaffna style cooking)

This masala is a must in Srilankan Jaffna Tamil household. Even now it is a practice of parents to send this masala to their children living abroad. Many Srilankan stores in countries like Great Britain, US, Canada & most & European countries regularly stock this masala. 


½ kg dania
¾ kg red chilies
75 gm pepper
75 gm cumin seeds
50 gm saunf
handful of curry leaves
2 tbsp methi seeds 
3 tbsp rice
4 sprigs curry leaves

Method: Dry roast dania. Two minutes later, add the red chilies. Roast for 2 minutes. Do this process in two to three batches. Spread on a sheet of paper. Roast other ingredients one by one. Mix into chilies. Cool and powder in a mill. Use this masala powder to vegetable gravies, fish, chicken & mutton gravies & vegetable curries.

Note: If you don’t want the masala to be spicy use ¾ kg dania & ½ kg chilies.

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