Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Malay Pickle

Malay Pickle also known as Achaaru is typical Srilankan delicacy equivalent to any pickle in India. However, this may be consumed along with Rotis, Idli, Dosa etc and even just as a snack.

I remember my mother whenever I prepare this for my family. Her hygienic way of preparation comes to my mind every time I make any Srilankan cuisine. I try and follow the same for all forms of cooking.

When I began to think about the dish I would take for the Chennai Bakers potluck this week, I shared about the number of dishes all the lovely ladies were going to bring. My daughter then suggested that I take something for everyone that they can take back home like a little token of love. I found that as a very good idea since there would be a lot of dishes that we can relish and enjoy. That's how I decided upon making Malay pickle and Date Chutney to be given to everyone attending.

Any sweet and sour lover would definitely love this.

500 gm baby onions
4 carrots
300 gm green chilies
100 gm dates
1 cup sugar
200 ml vinegar 
Salt to taste

Ingredients to Grind: 
20 red chilies
1 large pod garlic
2” ginger
4 tsp mustard
1000 gm dates
Method: Cut carrot into thin strips. Peel onion and keep them whole. Remove stems of green chilies. Cut dates into thin strips. Grind the paste ingredients smooth with little vinegar. Mix the paste with sugar and the balance vinegar. Mix thoroughly and heat till the mixture begins to boil. Pour over the vegetables and stir well. Store in bottles and serve after 2 days.
Malay Pickle ready

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