Monday, November 9, 2015

Gulab Jamun

I wonder if there is any household where Gulab Jamun is not a part of their Diwali Sweets. I have always had it on my list and still continues to be because my family enjoys this sweet. 

I personally love it served hot with Icecream even though I am diabetic. I tried the Mini Jamuns and they turned out so yummy.


¼ kg khoya
60 gm flour
1 tsp cardamom powder
few raisins
ghee to fry


3 cups sugar
1 ½ cups water
5 crushed cardamoms
1/8 cup rose water

1. Knead khoya lightly and mix with flour. 
2. Add little milk to form into dough if necessary. 
3. Form into small balls or rolls keeping a raisin in to each of them.
4. In the mean while, put sugar to boil in a wide pan with crushed cardamoms. 
5. When syrup boils, add rose water. 
6. Heat ghee and when hot, reduce flame and fry jamuns to brown colour & drop into syrup. in wide open mouthed bowl. 
7. Serve after 8 hours.

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